A collection of events I have spoken at
Moon Village Association talk Bobby

Business and Technology

Bobby Bahov speaking at an event
A talk on Exponential Technologies at the RMC Amadeus conference
At ImpactFest 2020 I hosted a roundtable discussion on the topic of AI for Good.
A talk at the AI innovation summit at the EU Parliament in Dec 2019 on the challenges and regulations of AI startups in Europe.
Another talk on Exponential Technologies at a WorldStartup meetup
False expectations on the data science labor market
AI in Healthcare and the future of the healthcare industry
A talk on Artificial Intelligence for Business
A lecture on AI for executive managers
AI for Government and NGOs. Where to start with AI adoption?
Part of the Exploratory Committee facilitating multiple workshops
A panel discussion on the effects of AI on the Legal profession
A talk on applications of AI for the Horticulture sector

Space Industry

Bobby Bahov at IAC 2018
Multi-Criteria Analysis of the Location of a Lunar Propellant Depot: Orbit vs Surface. A presentation on a paper written by my colleague at Space Mining Technologies, Patrick Fleith.
Future of AI: - How will Robotics catalyze the human evolution in space
Application of Artificial Intelligence in the Space Industry
I gave a talk on the opportunities for utilization of Lunar resources at the International Space University
I was the host of an event where I interviewed two successful space entrepreneurs.
I gave a talk on the history of space exploration.

Hackathon Mentor & Jury

I was a mentor at the Online Hackathon "Hack the normal" in 2021
I was a jury at the Hackathon during the Indo Data Week 2020.
I was a mentor at the EUvsVirus hackathon organized by the EU Commission in 2020
I was a mentor on the AI applications for agriculture at the AgriTech Hack 2019 (in Bulgarian)
For three consecutive years, I've been one of the hosts of the Hackathon for Good in The Hague.

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Bobby Bahov

Business and Technology Advisor