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Bobby Bahov IT consultant and business advisor

Hi, I'm Bobby Bahov,

I consult businesses on innovation, business models and strategy, artificial intelligence, software development, and I offer All-round Product Development Management.

Here's how I can help you

I have helped numerous startups and scaleups with advice and consultations on their processes and strategies and have led a number of projects from idea to completion. 

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Do you need a product development strategy? Does your project need an assessment on its business or technological feasibility? Do you need help with requirements, technical stack, or Project Management? Even execution and development of the project? Let’s talk!

Building a business strategy is not difficult as long as you know what you are doing and you have the right tools at your disposal. I can assist you in building a comprehensive and easy to execute strategy for the various aspects of your business.

In addition to my own companies and the consulting and advisory I have done for others, I was also a lecturer on Business Development and Strategy in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Are you familiar with the opportunities AI can create for your company? I have developed a special workshop and a framework to identify the best way for each company to start integrating AI.

Latest Posts

I produce content on topics related to business and technology. For more videos and posts check out this page.


CEO @MQM Legal

Character, kindness, honor, vision, and leadership. After working the first time with Bobby I could see a genius mind in action, endowed with natural charm and a true sense of purpose of creating great impact. It is very rare to see this professional maturity, expertise, and humanity in a young professional. 🚀💫

Lead System Engineer @SMT

It’s rare that you come across someone so inspiring as Bobby. One year ago, I had the pleasure to start working for Bobby at Space Mining Technologies. Right at the beginning of my work I have been impressed by Bobby’s passion for the company and furthermore how he transmits that to other people in the project. 


Bobby has always gone out of his way to help me as sparring partner when I was just thinking of becoming self-employed and helped me get ‘streetwise’ in the world of self-employment and networking. Not only is Bobby incredibly skilled in many fields but he is also a kindhearted and helpful person. 


Bobby and I met during the organization of the Hackathon for Peace, Justice, and Security. I realized quickly that you have ‘partners’, and you have real partners. He proved to be of incredible value. Without his help and commitment, the event would not have been the success it was. 

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Bobby Bahov

Business and Technology Advisor