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About me

Passionate about technology and innovation
Bobby Bahov vision


We live in the best times since recorded history! In the past 100 years, we have observed tremendous improvements in education, healthcare, political stability, peace, connectivity, democracy, science, equality, and standard of living.

I believe in the bright future of humanity and that technological advancement is and will be a crucial aspect of our success as a civilization. I find myself on the optimistic side of the spectrum of opinions and I firmly believe that innovation through the development and integration of exponential technology will only lead to an abundant future. The same way the past three industrial revolutions have allowed us to reach new heights, the adoption of tools like AI, IoT, Robotics, and Nanotechnology will change completely the way we live. In an increasingly positive way.
Furthermore, I think it is everyone's responsibility to work towards a better world and solving global challenges such as the negative effects of climate change.
Bobby Bahov IT consultant and business advisor
My professional interests include:
  • Innovation benefiting society
  • Exponential technologies and their effect on everyday life and business
  • The Sustainable Development Goals of the UN
  • Climate change solutions
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Space technology and science


My background lies in the intersection between technology and business. I have accumulated 9+ years in leading technology development projects and 6+ years of consulting and business development across four continents.
I started my career as a software developer and quickly moved to team lead and project manager roles. After completing my master's degree in Business Information Management, I started a consulting agency focused on software products for private and public sector.
I have also organized hundreds of events on various business and technology topics as well as a number of innovation programs and hackathons. For a short while, I was also a lecturer on Business Development and Strategy in Cape Town, South Africa.
My most recent ventures:

Reinventing industries

for a Brighter Future

Climate Change and SDGs Bobby Bahov

Climate Change and SDGs

In support of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals I organize open innovation programs tackling global challenges using AI. For more info check The Mothership and Hackathon for Good.


Business Advisory

I am part of TopTal‘s network of business experts where I work with startups and scaleups on the Product Development Strategies. I am also a member of the Dutch Mentor Community.

space exploration bobby bahov

Scientific Advancement

I believe the technological and scientific advancements we can achieve through space exploration will be crucial for our future. I am the co-founder of Space Mining Technologies.

What I can do for you:

Consulting and Advisory

I help businesses and organizations excel and grow through innovation and digitalization. For more information visit my Consulting page.


I am a public speaker and trainer on various topics. Check this page for a list of some of my past talks.


I recently released a Master Class on Online Privacy for Non-technical people. Read more about it here .

Work With Me

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Bobby Bahov

Business and Technology Advisor