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Bobby Bahov Business Strategy and Business Models Avisor

Improve Your
Business and Strategy

Here's How I Can Help You

Business Model

Building a lucrative and sustainable business model for your business requires analysis of numerous internal and external factors. With the right tools and techniques I will help you understand and quickly build your winning business model!

Product Management

From the initial idea and roadmap through process definition and team composition to Go-to-Market strategies, I can build a comprehensive step-by-step plan for the various aspects of your product development and help you execute it!

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation involves the digitalization, optimization, and automation of business processes. Even though it might sound daunting at first, with the right approach we will greately increase your competitive advantage.

Innovate and Grow

with Artificial Intelligence

Can your company benefit from optimizing processes and removing bottlenecks? Integrating data analytics and predictive models within your organization can be very valuable and can result in increased competitive advantage.

Through my work at AI Lab One, I have helped private and public organizations increase process efficiency, create a better understanding of their customers, accelerate supply chains, and allow data-driven decision-making.

I can assist you in:

  • Understanding how your organization can benefit from implementing AI.
  • Defining an AI business case fitting for your situation
  • Building a data and AI strategy for your company
  • Outlining the development and integration steps of your AI project
Bobby Bahov Artificial Intelligence Avisor

Build the Systems for

Your Success

Managing risks and expectations is as crucial for the success of software projects as is the quality of the code. Failure to do so often results in delays, going over budget, and dissatisfaction for everyone involved. 

This why an understanding of both the business goals and the development process is so important. My experience working on numerous software projects for international clients has thought me how to identify the risks and opportunities across the software lifecycle. In addition, I use agile project management techniques allowing me and my team to maintain high efficiency even when requirements are uncertain.

I specialize in software product strategy including:

  • Business and technical requirements
  • Technical stack and architecture definition
  • Development prioritization and roadmap 
  • Backlog preparation 
  • Agile Project management
Bobby Bahov software development
Bobby Bahov software development

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Bobby Bahov

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